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The front of human head is called the face and includes several distinct areas.[1] The main features are: The forehead is the skin beneath the hairline, bordered at the sides by the temples and eyebrows and ears. The eyes sit in an orbit and are protected by eyelids, which are sometimes visible, and eyelashes. The human nose shape is distinctive as are its nostrils and septum. The cheeks cover the maxilla and jaw, the extremity of which is the chin. The mouth, with the upper lip divided by the philtrum, sometimes reveals the teeth, which form a distinct pattern. Facial appearance is vital for human recognition and communication. Facial muscles in humans allow expression of emotions. The face is itself a highly sensitive region of the human body and its expression may change when the brain is stimulated by any of the five senses: touch, temperature smell, taste, hearing, and visual stimuli.[2]

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